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Why Online Bible School ?

An online Bible school is for you if you are considering to further your education to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your ministry skills, and find the time to balance it with your busy life. Then look no further than the American Institute of Training for the Ministry’s online Bible school.

Academic School of Excellence

One of the main advantages of our online Bible school is academic excellence, which is a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and skills to develop personal, professional, and cross-cultural competencies. Our curriculum is accredited by the National Bible College Association, which ensures that students receive a high-quality education. The admission requirements are flexible, as we welcome students from different backgrounds, educational levels, life experiences, and goals.

Online Accessibility

Another benefit is accessibility, as students can work from anywhere and learn anytime, even during evenings and weekends. We understand that many of our students are working adults and caregivers who require flexibility in scheduling and daily routines.

Support and Technology

Additionally, our students receive support from advisors and tech support to ensure a smooth learning experience. Our technology is easy to use and accessible to everyone, including those with special needs or disabilities. We promote self-paced practical learning which can be attended at the comfort of your home.

Biblical Curriculum

Our Online Bible School Curriculum equips students to develop a reverential submission to the Lord, which is the essence of learning. They can develop a disposition for lifelong spiritual growth, demonstrate biblical self-discipline and decision-making skills, and distinguish between truth and error. They also learn how to formulate biblical solutions to problems, dilemmas, and enigmas, and overcome the cultural and social barriers in the world today to effectively serve God.Holy Bible at home

Students learn how to analyze information and life situations within a biblical worldview, apply the knowledge and skills of servant-leadership in a local church, and engage others in a biblical model of discipleship. They also learn how to design and adapt appropriate strategies to evangelize and discipline the lost. You can have a look at our different Academic Programs to know more.

Life Experience Credits

We also consider life experience towards credit. Prospective students who have served in ministry positions or gained knowledge and experience in their fields without holding a formal certificate or degree may be eligible for life experience credits. This could include book publication, mission trips, classes taught, outreach ministries, youth ministry leader, and worship team leader. Such experience must be documented along with the years they occurred and submitted for evaluation.

Preparation for Workplace and Life

The American Institute of Training for Ministry prepares students for ministry in the workplace or anywhere. It equips those who desire to serve God to fulfill their life goals as they impact society for Jesus Christ. The institute has a specific mandate and calling to train, equip, and raise leaders to discipline God’s people who have a burning desire to love and serve God and are dedicated to transforming their world.

Our online Bible school program also offers many ministry opportunities, enabling students to discover their individual gifts and callings and train them in several areas of ministry specialization. While the program does not prepare students for secular work or denominational service, it provides a sound theological standing from which students may fulfill their divine purpose.

Affordable Tuition

Last but not least, the tuition is affordable, which saves time and money as there are no extra institutional fees or application fees. Students can continue their careers while working towards a degree and learn at their own pace with no due dates or end dates.

Like-minded Community

The American Institute of Training for Ministry is a community of learners distinguished by their lifelong commitment to the Bible. Students can be a part of a global community and receive continued education in ministry, which improves their career/ministry prospects. They can choose from a variety of courses and options, such as certificate/degree/non-degree programs, which are great for non-traditional students of all ages.  Checkout our FAQs page to know more.

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At the American Institute of Training for Ministry, we believe in personal attention and assistance. We offer personalized degrees and strive to make your educational journey as fulfilling as possible. Don’t let your busy life hold you back from furthering your education and fulfilling your calling. Join the American Institute of Training for Ministry today and live life while you learn. Contact us to receive a detailed AIOTFM Brochure.